At Fureverinked we employ the highest standards many of which are solely proprietary to us. With safety, respect and the utmost care we prepare your specialized ink for your memorial tattoo. Upon arrival, all furbabies are assigned to one of our highly trained team who will oversee and handle the process from start to finish. Please allow us 14–21 days to process and then ship your memorial infused Ink.

FureverInked always recommends for any and all tattoo services only fully licensed and insured tattoo artists and studios alike

-How safe are ash infused ink tattoos?

  Absolutely safe. There are no special considerations to be taken when having a tattoo done using ash infused inks.

-Can I use as infused ink on an existing tattoo?

 Yes, you can! You can freshen up an existing tattoo with your ash-infused ink, or you can create a new one!

-Can I use any colour ink?

Yes. There is no restriction on which colour you choose or use.

-Are ash infused ink tattoos different in appearance, colour or longevity?

Absolutely no difference at all

-Is there any special care required on completion of your ash infused ink tattoo?

No special care is required other than following the recommendations of your tattoo artist

-How much ashes are required to process your infused ink

1 tablespoon.

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